About Hilary’s Best Bite

Hello and welcome!

This site is dedicated to one girl’s journey along with her husband and dog to find the perfect bite at home and abroad. Follow me as I cook revamped classic dishes, attempt to perfect my own recipe creations and travel around the world one dish at a time.

hilarycooking3I have always had an interest in not just tasting that perfect bite, but actually making it. Even since I started cooking as a kid, I have always loved trying to imagine up ways to improve a recipe and adjust it to my taste buds. Luckily, as I have grown older, my passion for great food has only grown. I cook no nonsense food, sourcing the best ingredients when possible and trying to keep flavour combinations simple to let the food shine through. I will try to make most ingredients from scratch, but will always give alternatives for those week-night dinners when time is not on your side.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and experiences here, I know I am!